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Jane Lancaster is a sometime, some may say lapsed actress, singer who likes to write.  This blog is a way to share some stuff she thinks about and writes and podcasts… her other blog is

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Mark Wale said

    Sniff, scratch, do a few things and thirty years have passed. It made me smile a lot and cry a bit to find your stories here on the internet. You haven’t changed a bit if your photos are anything to go by. I’m in Dublin with my love Caroline, a French singer, and my other loves, two little girls, Calypso and Salomé. I send you lots of love yourself and a few memories I’m sure. Mark.

  2. How nice to hear from you although I have to admit I’m scratching my head a bit. Are you the Mark from the Steak and Kebab? The one who came to our house to do a photo shoot of our Angie??

  3. Mark Wale said

    I’m Mark who used to go out with Julia Gilbert when you went out with Gabriel Gawin a looong looong time ago. Emmanuel College May Ball in Cambridge, trout for breakfast in the Gorstanvorran croft on Loch Shiel and dinner in the Glenfinnan House Hotel by motor boat, opening night of the Hacienda with Gabriel as cocktail barman, Manchester Poly Drama School and Dom with a roll of gaffa tape, Betty and the Bombshells in Edinburgh etc etc. Too many Marks in the world…

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