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#73 Kirsten

Posted by Jane Lancaster on February 15, 2012

I love this, don’t know if it’s for real…anyhoo it makes me ponder on her suffering from depression..



7 Responses to “#73 Kirsten”

  1. Kirk Jusko said

    How to Train Your Child to Be a Phony by Mr and Mrs Dunst

  2. I can’t decide if it’s a parody..nah..they couldn’t be THAT phony could they? 🙂

  3. Kirk said

    The whole thing COULD be scripted, or thought out ahead of time, especially when the mother says something like, “Excuse me, who’s been driving you to auditions?” after Kirsten calls her out for not going to church. But if so, under what curcumstances was this filmed? After all, Kirsten Dunst is playing herself, at the very beginning of her career, talking about her real costars in a real movie. It seems odd her parents would decide to parody their daughter’s newly found celebrity (and themselves) right then and there. And if those are actors playing Kirsten’s mom and dad, the REAL parents must have given their OK to be mocked like that. No YouTube at the time, so who was meant to see this? Is it something that just played at parties? Wonder if Tom Cruise was in on the joke. If it’s all an act, it’s a hell of an acting job on Kirsten’s part. She sounds genuine, whereas the parents come across as comic stereotypes.

  4. I know it is odd. I mean who put it up? them? I read that she looks after her family.. seems this was where it all started and she went OK then I’ll do it.. who knows? But it is a good example of some parents I think and how they are more like children than their children, whether it’s scripted or not..

  5. Whatever is going on I really liked watching it..

  6. very strange…but riveting. creepy. could totally be true, right?

  7. right.

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