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#63 Melancholia

Posted by Jane Lancaster on December 19, 2011

It was a orrible day.  all i wanted was to stay on my bed all day but since i had deprived my husband of his dinner out the night before because he left the freakin oven on i couldn’t let him down again.  we’d been planning on seeing Melancholia and he was looking forward to this too.  so we sat through it just to add to my terror at being alive.  then dinner which made me ill after as usual.  and it was cold in the reataurant.  then i saw on facebook that my friend had been to visit my other friend who is in hospital with anorexia.  she said she was unrecognizable.  so i called her when we got home and she told me about it for an hour.  then i couldn’t get to sleep.  images of a planet hitting earth going round and round in my head.  i had to get up and drink some water.


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