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#42 in new york

Posted by Jane Lancaster on June 24, 2011

i’m at my sister’s house she has OCD.  It’s raining in NY while it’s smoking in Santa Fe which is worrying.  R and I went to the Alexander McQueen Exhibition.  I have no time to reflect on anything other than how cold it is in this house due to my sister having the AC on high and we all have to huddle in blankets.  she gave me a bunch of fancy smanchy jewels.  my god if i were a rich man doo be dooby dooby do.  all day long i’d…..  i want to be home so i can think.  i love my family but the insanity levels are insane.  and i lose myself.  i’ve gone bye byes.


6 Responses to “#42 in new york”

  1. webleedink said

    Hiya trouble!

    I thought ‘here I am commenting all over every fuckers blog in the blogaxy & I haven’t even swerved by me old mate’s in ages & left a how do & ay up me duck!’

    Hope New York is/was great!

    There’s loads of these supposedly prized destinations that I could care less about, but New York on the other hand well the Big Apple floats my boat – maybe that’s me being a London kid, the other big eminent Victorian city – & I would absolutely luuuurve to go New York one day.

    Hope married life is joining all your dots & I wish you all the best & lotsa luv from grey old bleedin bloomin Blighty! (summer my arse)

    later on



  2. ha ha ha oh god you warm the cockles me duck! sorry i haven’t had a bloody minute to ave a gander at your blog! what a palaver… but soon I hope things will settle down and i’ll give you a good going over!

    it was too brief a time in mannyhatty alas…but it was werf it all the same..

    hope you are good and i’ll second that .. summer me arse…it’s bloody on fire ere!!! argggghhh!


  3. webleedink said

    Hows tricks, stranger? Hope you well

  4. Jane Lancaster said

    nice to hear from you Miggy. I’m grieving bad right now and off out at cabin a lot… what you up to? xo

  5. webleedink said

    Sorry to hear you’re going thru pain at the moment, Jane. Hope the cabin is giving you the space and time you need right now.

    I’m laying low at mo, off to London Friday, so just counting down the days really. Need a break!

    Be kind to you, mate, and catch u in a bit


  6. Jane Lancaster said

    thanks me hearty. i hope i can get back into writing here soon..have a good one in London xo

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