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#32 hormones

Posted by Jane Lancaster on April 29, 2011

i fell orrible today and fat.  bloated. and angry and hate everything.  it’s the start of so much hormone travails to come and i just don’t want to go through it!  stamps foot.  plus the wind is foul today and made my eyes sting.  and the kids were monstrous one of them Destiny said, ‘i don’t know you!’  over and over.  i argued with her in my head all the way home.  and someone deleted their blog post after i left a comment which makes me feel rejected. ‘ it’s always me who gets rejected’ i said to the oil change man, went upstairs to wait and looked on their computer to see if my comment had a reply, the whole post was gone.


6 Responses to “#32 hormones”

  1. webleedink said

    Hiya Jane

    It’s probably nowt personal with the comment deleting. You know what this blogging game’s like.Someone’s probably posted something, regretted it, thought better of, deleted it, without a clue or a thought for whether there’s a comment on it or not. Am I right or am I right? Maybe just take the basic gist of your comment & create a post from it.

    Or just say, Ah Fuck em!

    You hang in there ar kid, sounds like you got your hands full with the youngun n all. Be good to you

    Take care


  2. bless you miggy good point well taken. ha ha love your english turns of phrases home from home mate. not my kids just some kids i help out with thank god ONCE a week. i think i’ll take your advice and turn that comment into a post.. am trying to watch a bit of the wedding taped it but ooh ooh it makes me go all stiff inside..

  3. xo

  4. Glenn said

    I didn’t see your comment when I deleted that post. It didn’t make sense (that post) the way I wrote it, so I took it down and put a different spin to it.

    As for what you’re going through, I can share your pain. I go through bouts like that frequently. Mine, of course, are not the result of hormones boiling since I’m of the guy persuasion. They’re the result of my constant rediscovery that I’m old and fat, none of my friends like me, the people who don’t know me hate me, and I’m headed for a sad and lonely death.

    But then it passes, and I’m okay again.

  5. webleedink said

    Good to see that all sorted out! You two have a good one


  6. Glen thanks so much for that but it wasn’t you! ha ha… it was a girl .. much harder for me to be rejected by a girl. anyway it is great to have your comment regardless as you make me laugh me head off xo

    miggy blogging and insecurities eh? what fun xo

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