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#30 this bloody wedding

Posted by Jane Lancaster on April 29, 2011

is apparently costing 70 million pounds… i’m just saying …at least…at least.  what about the austerity budget that is being imposed there against public will?  I know this much if i was getting married and it was costing SOMEONE 70 million pounds i’d feel awfully guilty..awfully awfully awfully guilty… i suppose they saved some money on the engagement ring…


3 Responses to “#30 this bloody wedding”

  1. webleedink said

    Jane, you want to try being over here at the moment. Absolutely oppressive atmosphere of blind worship & sycophancy which all are expected to fall in line with. A form of cultural bullying. I hate it. & as to the cost! In Nottingham alone right now four hundred employees of a care organisation I used to work for, which works with homelessness, mental health, addiction, disability, are being made redundant due to the devastating cuts we’re witnessing. But this is the point, isn’t it? Nothing like a royal wedding to mask the smell of the shit sandwiches their serving us! My daughter keeps being told that this is history she’s witnessing, & I’m telling her that, no, YOU & ME ARE HISTORY KID YOUR LIFE IS HISTORY LOVE YOUR OWN LIFE LITTLE ONE IT’S WORTH BEARING WITNESS TO.

    Rant over – hope you well mate

    – Miggy

  2. Glenn said

    What he (webleedink) said.

  3. lately people keep asking me are you going to watch the wedding? you know you are english and all that. i hear you miggy … i’m so glad your daughter has you to keep her mind somewhat protected…

    and Glenn thanks for your comment it made me smile a sigh…

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