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#27 someone wants me..

Posted by Jane Lancaster on April 18, 2011

Between Channels at Found Objects blog wants to read the story i wrote last week about when i worked at queenie’s men’s stall in the indoor market in the seventies so i’ll posty wosty it here soony bloody oony.. how goody.


4 Responses to “#27 someone wants me..”

  1. webleedink said

    Hiya Jane

    That’s great news.
    I luv Found Objects’ & Between Channels’ blogs, an absolute mine of rare gems, & cultural artifacts.

    I’m sure your stories will illuminate them further!

    Hope you well mate

    Miggy x

  2. Hi Miggy nice to hear from you,

    are you in London? enjoying yourself I hope. We were at the Tate last October for the first time ever I liked it. Along with the art the people were dressed in all kinds of fashions .. not like America. I am looking forward to watching Marwencol and will read your post about it afterwards, I like to read reviews before and after. xo

  3. webleedink said

    Yep, am in London at mo, Jane. Mum’s got a lamb joint in the oven, we’re waiting on our Easter Sunday roast! My mum’s roast tatties are one of the planet’s unofficial wonders.

    Very hot here, the old London bricks seem to swell & exude the sun’s corona, slightly oppressive n that. I am having a couple of days respite, & then shall throw myself into some of the capital’s many cultural delights, may even show up at a few open mics & give’em what for!

    Hope you enjoy Marwencol when you see it, & nice to hear that people are reading We Bleed Ink. After many years writing away in monastic writerly concentration, I am now creating a little network of folk online, which is rather touching, & probably long overdue.

    You have a good one at ‘the cabin’. Sounds very ‘Grizzly Adams’!

    Take care me old mate


  4. Sounds great Miggy. Have a fabulous time and give em hell. I know… it’s nice isn’t it to be getting friendly online through our blogs? Grin.

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