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#26 santa fe party

Posted by Jane Lancaster on April 17, 2011

I’m disturbed.  party given by the lady with big teeth and the big sunset who is new to the neighbourhood that i live in and hate.  I had ONE conversation with a short man by the nibbles table, after that i decided not to have any more.  we started on the kinks, he knew one of them and then bam he’s onto Jesus and his ministry and ego and it’s no coincidence you are talking to me and he was very pushy.  I as usual started to believe him and felt guilty cos i’m not helping people like he is and i stayed talking to him for far too long.  he said he lived in albuquerque i said aren’t the people friendlier there than santa fe?  he said i don’t judge.  when i got away i was disturbed.  then this guy who was warned not to talk to me about planes and the fact that he’s learning to fly started talking to me about planes and the fact that he’s learning to fly.  then as we said goodbye this couple said look the world is ending next year so we might as well enjoy ourselves. and on top of all this we had jehovah’s witnesses call today.  i’m disturbed.  when we got home ron did a beautiful copy of this fella who was salsa dancing like a cold zombie.  it seems ron had been watching him closely unable to understand his non connection with his partner.  he said they would lay into him for that on dancing with the stars.  i’m glad he danced for me it made me laugh something I hadn’t done all evening…i’m reading the Shutter of Snow which i love thanks to Kate Zambreno which has got me writing all like this… tee hee


2 Responses to “#26 santa fe party”

  1. Manzanita said

    Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, Wanna buy a duck. I have become your follower, too and I’m going to read some of your past posts.
    Love and Peace,

  2. thanks Manzanita! welcome and I look forward to all the flamenco videos! xo

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