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#11 Toilet Trouble

Posted by Jane Lancaster on December 24, 2010

Growing up in our house there would be a lot of fighting between sisters.  Particularly Angie (the middle one) and Pam or Angie and me.  So with Angie then.

We would end up chasing each other upstairs and the one in front would manage to get into the toilet first and lock the door.  This was the beginning of a saga that was to repeat itself over and over.  The pursuer would sit at the top of the stairs outside the locked door with the sole purpose of waiting for boredom to set into the hunted.   The hunted knew they were caught in the trap and would invariably get bored and slam out of the toilet to their fate of a bit of a scuffle.  But this was only if the siege went on too long.  Or if it was close to teatime and the smell of tasty food was creeping up the hostages nostrils.

Many minutes were spent sitting in our toilet prison staring at tiles, soap, towels and toilet paper.  Not to mention the 1970’s tile of a gondolier in Venice romantically steering a loving couple towards certain marriage, and the tile of a spanish-style wine bottle.  We each had a carefully studied mental note of every stroke that had gone into those two tiles.  If only the artist knew what art lovers he was turning these fighting children into.  Well at least of 70’s kitsch.

And then one fine day this old routine took a different turn as one of the hunted got a bit fed up with this ‘caught in a trap’ scenario.  As she sat surveying the two tiles deep in childish dreams of growing up and never having to sit for hours in a locked toilet again, her eye alighted on the small window.  The bottle top design in the glass was something she had spent many a trapped minute gazing at.  Then the idea came to her in a moment of inspiration and devilish glee.  She would climb out of the window onto the roof and taunt the pursuer contentedly through the big oval window.  What a hoot she must have thought as she squeezed herself giggling through the child-sized window.  The sister waiting at the top of the stairs (since she was facing the other direction) had no idea what was going on behind her back.  So giggling Gertie joyfully tapped on the window.  Causing the pursuer to nearly jump out of her skin and then scream with irritation at the latest development in their drama.  The roof sister by now doing a dance of torment with gusto.  The stairs sister beside herself with anger swishes the curtain closed…touche!


2 Responses to “#11 Toilet Trouble”

  1. Ron said

    What a band of hooligans you girls must have been! Great story – thanks.

  2. frankmundo said

    Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

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